Guo Hua

Group project in collaboration with Scarlet Tong, Alvin Wong, Kai Zhang
The inspiration for this project lies from the 国画 (guóhuà), or the ancient Chinese calligraphic paintings done of various landscapes and mountain ranges. The rolling slopes of the mountains are often dotted with clouds, large trees, and small shrubs. The most interesting part about these monochromatic drawings is that they create such a powerful sense of depth without being in perspective at all.
The system created exists in a series of two modules, each designed to fit within each other thanks to a system of pre-cut indentations for a slot mechanism. The pieces can be freely rearranged and the landscape can shift as the user chooses. The sizes of the modules are designed to conserve material, thanks to a donut–munchkin arrangement. The plant of choice here is the vine, which can flow freely amongst the mountain forms as the flora in the guóhuà does. They are able to intertwine with the forms of the mountains and grow at their own pace, only limited by the total scale.
Finally, the systems, once assembled are given a playful twist, with each surface carefully colored so that one approaching from one side of the facade experiences something vividly different from one approaching from another side.Cardboard Model 1.jpg sketch001.jpg
initial concept


prototype_experimentation on color
wfnr71emcjg9mpapnfgvdFront.jpgJoint Detail.jpg
final product

render 2.jpgrender 1.jpg

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